Privacy Policy

Tatweer Plus company’s term of use for driving people and serving companies as well as factories by using smartphone’s application.

For the following terms and conditions, using Tatweer Plus should be within Tatweer Plus application. Using these applications should be with your consent, on behalf of yourself, and your entity. The terms and conditions below are for (mentioned as customer or captain).

Tatweer Plus can modify or update any of these terms and conditions when using the application at anytime without further notice. Your use for the application, clearly explained below, includes your agreement for any changes.

Customer application

The customer is anyone who is individual, has another person on his behalf, or a company, entity, system, party,….. etc.

The customer is committed to sign up for his/her real, updated data. Dealing with Tatweer Plus company should be directly with the application user, as the data represents that he/she is the customer responsible for using the application. Moreover, using the application is considered an official authorization for sending a method of transportation service, and collecting money in return.

Transport service fees is determined depending on the car model, and the trip’s distance. The fees change based on market factors, economy, and absolute evaluation of Tatweer Plus.

Transportation fees for individuals, companies, systems, entities,…etc. is exceptional and has privileges depending on the terms of agreement between them and Tatweer Plus company.

The customer is responsible for any extra charges due to taxes. Also, in case of customer being taxed in the upcoming trips for transportation, or petrol increasing prices.

Tatweer Plus company’s customer will pay (bill) for all transportation services in his/her account. The customer is committed to pay all the due charges within 10 days from the date of use.

Using application’s services or any other future services for any illegal, unethical, harmful, fraudulent purposes, bank fraud, terrorism, or any other illegal purposes is completely prohibited due to country’s laws.

The countries in where Tatweer Plus company works in, the customer using the application is the one responsible. The company is not responsible for any harm whether it is direct or indirect, consequential or accidental in case of not being able for the customer to use the application correctly.

Tatweer Plus company is allowed to disclose, use, or give data of users to official service requests or for several other purposes such as: to run the service correctly, to protect Tatweer Plus company, or to protect the users, suppliers, governmental entities to obey the governmental rules of the country where the company works without any responsibility on it.

Tatweer Plus company can change, update, remove the services from customer’s application at anytime without further notice from any entity.

It is not allowed to use the content such as, ideas, designs, analysis, copyrights, trademarks in the application since they are owned by Tatweer Plus company.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact us at info@tatweer-plus.com

*these terms and conditions follow country laws in where Tatweer Plus works in.